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Multiroom DVR problems with playback on other STB

I have a multi room DVR box with two other HD set top boxes in my house. I have had a problem with the playback of certain recorded shows on the two other STP boxes. I have already use tech support and after rebooting my boxes and router several times they sent me a new DVR box. I am however having the same problems. The playback of the recorded shows on my other set top boxes is unwatchable. It is choppy and pixalted with choppy or no sound at all. I really do not know what my next step should be. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Multiroom DVR problems with playback on other STB

i've got the same issue with my multiroom DVR. both the sound and image freeze and then the playback and audio go all choppy. i somebody at Verizon actually responds with a solution for this


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