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Xbox Live Problems..

For the past almost 2 weeks my Xbox Live will go in and out causing me to lag for a few seconds. It makes it really difficult to play and I was wondering if it something to do with Verizon internet. A lot of my friends on Xbox are having the same problems and they all say they have Verizon. At least 20 people I have asked about this.


Just wondering if there is something going on that is making this occur. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Xbox Live Problems..

Small/tiny NAT table.


All DSLR ( FAQs » Verizon Online FiOS FAQ » Networking » What are the tradeoffs between the various router configurations

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Re: Xbox Live Problems..

Also I would try to power cycle your router, unplug for 30 sec and plug back in.
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Re: Xbox Live Problems..

Also make sure that the Verizon router either has the X-box ports open on the firewall.

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